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woman taking note during an website SEO audit

Website SEO Audit

Let's Level Up Your Website!

You know deep down that your current website isn't cutting it, but the whole SEO thing leaves you feeling puzzled. And seriously, what's the deal with those elusive "keywords" everyone keeps mentioning? Don't worry, I've got your back! Book a website audit with me, and I'll break it all down for you!

Krystal Nagy owner of KN Creative Marketing sitting on the floor

Introducing the
KN Creative Marketing
Website Audit!

I'm Krystal,


I'm here to make sure that the website you DIY'd becomes your hardest-working employee, while you get back to focusing on what truly matters!

What You Get

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Professional Advice

I'll send you a comprehensive PDF that breaks down every page of your website, including the mobile version. You'll discover valuable insights about SEO issues that need attention.


Actionable Steps

The audit will provide you with clear, actionable steps to improve the functionality and design of your website. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to a website that truly works for you!

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You'll also receive the option to book a one on one consultation with me (additional fee of $129 will apply) where you will get my professional recommendations on ways to drive organic traffic, incorporate new keywords, and make design changes. It's time to unlock your website's full potential!

Krystal Nagy making notes during a client call

After a website SEO audit, you'll experience some awesome benefits:

Get Insider Insights

Discover valuable nuggets of information about your website's performance. The audit will unveil areas for improvement and highlight what's already working well. Consider it your secret sauce to optimize your website and boost its visibility in search engines.

Wow Your Visitors

By addressing any usability issues or technical glitches uncovered during the audit, you'll create a smoother, more enjoyable experience for your visitors. Say goodbye to frustrating hiccups and hello to a website that keeps people coming back for more.

Master the Keyword Game

With the audit's recommendations, you'll level up your keyword strategy. Uncover the best keywords for your business and audience, so you can create killer content that resonates and skyrockets your search engine rankings.

Take Action Like a Pro

The audit report won't leave you hanging. It'll serve up actionable recommendations and steps that are easy to follow. You'll feel empowered to make the right moves, improving your website's SEO performance and driving organic traffic like a boss.


"Krystal was so knowledgeable and so easy to work with. Her process of getting what I wanted was easy to understand and the report she gave me about my website was very thorough. I was able to get lots of questions answered on our follow-up call. I highly recommend KN Creative Marketing for anyone looking to improve their website or business."

Ashley L.

"Krystal was amazing! First of all she ACTUALLY LISTENED to what I wanted to accomplish and showed me the best way to get it done both quickly and efficiently. She was helpful and thoughtful and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend you reach out to her for all your marketing needs!!!"

Rachel F.

Book Now
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Ready to embark on this exciting adventure? I can't wait to help you unleash the power of your website. Click below to get started and let's create a solid foundation for your online success! 

Website SEO Audit

FREE - Only Valid until  OCT 31, 2023
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