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My main goal is to help small business owners feel confident about their digital marketing strategy. I understand the importance of building trust with my clients, which is why I value each of them on a personal level and take their unique needs into account.


As a fellow female entrepreneur, I'm super passionate about supporting other women-owned businesses. That's why I've designed a simple and straightforward process that allows my clients to focus on what matters most to them. Let's work together to take your business to the next level!

why choose kn creative marketing

Why Choose
KN Creative Marketing

  • Shop Add-On
    Transform your website into an e-commerce hub, effortlessly selling physical or digital products online. What's Included: Integration of Shop App Setup for selling up to 8 products Seamless payment processing capabilities
  • Programs Add-On
    Generate passive income by turning your expertise into lucrative programs that work for you around the clock. What's Included: Integration of Programs App Setup for 2 revenue-generating programs Automated income stream with minimal effort required
  • Wix Website Design
    Craft a stunning online presence that adapts seamlessly to both mobile and desktop platforms, maximizing user engagement. What's Included: Crafted Just for You: Get a 5-page website designed and developed to suit your unique needs, making sure your online presence stands out. Look Good Anywhere: Your website will look stunning on both phones and computers, making sure your visitors have a great experience no matter the device. Found on Google: Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) included, helping your site get noticed by search engines. Plus, connect to Google My Business for added visibility. Picture Perfect: We'll take care of finding the right images for your site, so you don't have to worry about sourcing stock photos. Easy Domain Setup: Whether it's connecting your existing domain or transferring a new one, we've got your domain hassles covered. Stay Connected: Integrate seamlessly with email marketing, social media, or third-party online schedulers to keep your audience engaged. Learn the Ropes: Receive a 30-minute post-launch training session to ensure you're comfortable managing your site.
  • Bookings Add-On
    Simplify and enhance your service offerings by enabling clients to book and pay online. What's Included: Integration of Booking App Setup for 3 service bookings Online payment functionality for client convenience
  • Brand Development Essentials
    This package covers the essentials of brand development, including a DIY brand development workbook, logo design, brand guidelines, a custom business card and one bonus level one collateral of your choice. It's perfect for small business owners who are ready to define their brand's identity and establish a consistent visual presence.
  • Brand Development Coaching and Design
    Take your brand development journey to the next level with this comprehensive package. In addition to brand development coaching, logo design, and brand guidelines, you'll receive customized brand collateral, including primary, alternate, and icon logos, and a custom business card. This package is designed to provide you with a complete brand identity that elevates your business and attracts your ideal audience.
  • How I Prioritize Understanding my Clients: Asking, Listening, and Empathizing
    I begin each project by gaining a solid understanding of who my client is, what they do, and why they do it. This helps me create strategic web design solutions that effectively communicate their desired messages and express their unique brand identity. I collaborate with my clients using a process of discovery that requires patience, experience, and effective communication. I involve my clients every step of the way, incorporating feedback at each stage until the design is finalized to their satisfaction.
  • A Team of Experts
    KN Creative Marketing is made up of a well-rounded team with a variety of expertise to handle different aspects of your business. A professional photographer can handle visual content, a copywriter for written content and an SEO expert to optimize your online presence. It's important to have a team with diverse skill sets in order to serve you and your business well. If you are looking to join our team, reach out via the contact form.
  • Projects are Completed On Time and Within Budget
    Determining the scope, creating a budget and timeline, and sticking to them with regular progress checks are all important steps to ensure the project is completed on time and within budget. I use a small team with low overhead to help keep costs down for small businesses.
  • Wix Website Partner
    Being a Wix partner means that I have a formal relationship with Wix and have access to their resources and support to help build better you a better website. It also means that I have access to educational materials and guidance to help improve my skills and knowledge of Wix's platform.
  • How soon can we start?
    Start dates for projects can vary depending on the number of projects we have on the go. We will discuss an estimated timeline during our discovery call. Once you're onboarded and have completed your intake forms a firm project start date will be provided.
  • Can I expect any additional costs?
    Wix & Squarespace both have annual hosting fees. You can view their pricing here (Wix) and here (Squarespace). There are often sales on Wix websites during the process of development. You will also need to purchase a domain, if you don’t already have one. With a new website subscription the domain is generally free for the first year and approx. $20 per year there after. Depending on the features required on your website you may need an advanced monthly plan, scheduler and e-commerce programs for example. Additional website pages $150 each. Photography studio spaces in the Hamilton area are usually between $100-$150 per hour. (A studio space is not always needed for website photography and will be a personal choice).
  • Do you have samples of the Photographer's work?
    Yes, check out the photography portfolio.
  • How do I get started?
    Are you ready to take the first step towards achieving your goals and creating a successful business? If so, then it’s time to get started! One of the best ways to get started is to book a complimentary 30 minute discovery call. This is an opportunity for you to ask questions, learn more about my services and how I can help you achieve your goals. I will then provide you with a proposal and agreement that outlines the scope of work and timeline for completion. Book your call today!
  • Can I take my projects one at a time?
    Of course! If your situation doesn't allow for all of the projects to be done at once this is a great option. We recommend starting with your brand development, then photography, then your website design.
  • What do you need from me to design my website?
    To establish a beautiful on brand website having a logo, fonts and colours that you love are essential. You are more than welcome to bring in work from another designer, or have your brand development done by us. Having great images for your website is very important. If it’s not possible we are able to source stock images for your site. We work with some amazingly talented photographers who will bring your brand and your business to life with their magical skills.
  • Do you accept credit cards
    We can accept e-transfers (Canadian banks only) and credit card payments.
  • What ongoing maintenance is required for my website?
    Website maintenance ensures that your business continues to evolve and succeed over time. This also establishes that anyone who interacts with your site will always have the best user experience. While it’s not mandatory, website maintenance for at least 6 months after launch is highly recommended. We provide monthly maintenance that it includes: website check-up/updates, broken links check, traffic report and website speed test. Should you require updates to your website (new services, team changes, contact info, etc.) we can absolutely help you with this at our hourly rate.
  • How do you know what I am looking for in my branding and website?
    During our onboarding system there are specific intake forms to collect all the information needed. After the form is complete you will be prompted to book a brand development or website design consultation where we review everything in detail.
  • Do you require a deposit?
    At KN Creative Marketing we require a deposit of 50% to hold your spot for our services. The remainder is due at the start of the project, so you can rest assured that your project will get underway promptly.

Meet Krystal

I go by Mom, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Auntie and Cousin.


I am a mom of two very busy little boys and love spending my evenings running around the house or backyard with them. When I'm not picking up tiny legos, wiping noses or getting stains out of the carpet, you can find me dreaming up strategies and making lists upon lists of goals and To Do's. 


KN Creative Marketing started to come to life after my second son was born. I started creating logos and packages, then covid hit. In October of 2021 I finally had the opportunity to take a leap of faith and got my first client. When I say it's been a whirl wind I'm not kidding. In my first year of business I helped 33 small businesses reach their digital marketing goals. 

I have a strong background in sales and marketing but really hit my stride when I started my marketing career about 15 years ago. I left my corporate gig to experience the freedom and pride of running my own successful marketing company. I want the same for your business.

My goal is to help small businesses succeed and grow like I have. When you're ready I can help you too. 

krystal nagy owner of kn creative marketing
inclusivity statement

It Matters

At KN Creative Marketing, I believe that everyone deserves to have a website and branding that represents their unique identity and voice, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, or ability. I am committed to creating digital products that are accessible and inclusive for all individuals and businesses.

Cultural sensitivity: I respect and honor the cultural differences and beliefs of my clients and strive to incorporate them into their website design, if requested.

Collaborative approach: I work collaboratively with my clients to create websites that truly reflect their voice, values, and personality.


Safe space: I provide a safe space for my clients to voice their concerns and feedback without fear of judgment or discrimination.

I am committed to promoting inclusivity in my work and will continue to learn and improve my skills and knowledge to better serve all individuals and businesses.

KN Creative Marketing is a place where everyone's vision can come to life.

To promote inclusivity in my work, I have established the following policies:


Accessibility: I design and develop websites that meet accessibility standards, including making sure they are easy to navigate for people with disabilities and are compatible with screen readers and other assistive technologies, if requested. See my accessibility statement here.


Non-discrimination: I do not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, or ability in any aspect of my work.

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