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Welcome to KN Creative Marketing's feedback hub!


I'm dedicated to empowering small business owners like you to thrive in the digital world. As I gear up to roll out new online courses and resources tailored to enhance your Wix website experience, I want to ensure that our offerings align perfectly with your needs and preferences. Your input is invaluable in shaping the content and direction of our upcoming initiatives. Take a moment to share your thoughts and insights through the survey below, and let me know how we can best support your journey to success.

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Which of the following options best describes your preference for setting up your Wix website?
Would you be interested in a comprehensive workshop-style video series that guides you through customizing a Wix template specifically for your business?
When it comes to learning about Wix website setup and customization, would you prefer a generic guide or something tailored to your specific industry?
How interested would you be in a free video walkthrough coaching session on getting more leads for your business?
What would you like included in a QuickStart Lead Generation Toolkit (Select all that apply)
Which of the following Wix app video series would you be most interested in? (Select all that apply)
How likely are you to participate in online courses or workshops offered by KN Creative Marketing to enhance your Wix website and digital marketing skills?

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